Susan B Anthony Dollar Mintage

mintageThe Susan B. Anthony Dollar was minted during a total of four different years. Mintage levels were initially very high, as the US Mint had optimistic expectations about public acceptance. After the coins failed to achieve meaningful circulation, mintages fell to lower levels.

Production for circulation took place from 1979 to 1981 and one final year in 1999. For each of the first three years, circulation strike coins were produced at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints, while for 1999 production only took place at first two facilities.

The lowest mintage regular issue is the 1981-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar with a mintage of 3,000,000. These coins were only included in Mint Sets issued to collectors. The 1999 Proof Anthony Dollar is the lowest mintage proof coin with only 750,000 produced. This coin was not included in the 1999 Proof Set, but only offered for sale individually to collectors.

The table below displays the mintages for each issue of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar series.

1979-P 360,222,000
1979-D 288,015,744
1979-S 109,576,000
1979-S Proof 3,677,175
1980-P 27,610,000
1980-D 41,628,708
1980-S 20,422,000
1980-S Proof 3,544,806
1981-P 3,000,000
1981-D 3,250,000
1981-S 3,492,000
1981-S Proof 4,063,083
1999-P 29,592,000
1999-D 11,776,000
1999-P Proof 750,000